Tuesday, January 24, 2012

E-Reader or No E-Reader? That is the Question.

E-readers have exploded into use within the last couple years. Every time I go, well, anywhere, I know I'm bound to see at least one person with one. And I live in a small town. I can only imagine the abundance of these devices in a New York City coffeehouse.

And hey, what's not to love? Fancy versions of these doodads, like the spiffy lil Kindle Fire you see in the pic above can just about replace the computer for casual internet users. With games, internet, books and magazines at your fingertips, it can do the same things as the netbook I'm using to type this very blog. Like I said, it's fancy!

I don't deny the fabulosity (this should totally be a real word) of many of these e-readers. In fact, when a friend of mine was gifted with a Nook a year ago, I was in awe. I wanted one with the same passion that I wanted an Ipad when they were first released. But then, new gadgets always seem to wrap me up in some kind of love spell.
Thankfully, as time wore on, the spell wore off (just as it did with the Ipad that I never got and no longer want). I realized that I just don't need it, and more importantly, I don't truly want it. I love books - books with covers and pages. Books I can smell. Yes, you read that right - I said smell. I find few things in the world more pleasing than picking up the book I'm about to read and and inhaling it. Each book is unique and so is it's smell. Each one different, yet so similar. This is happiness for me.

Of course I'm not trying to sway you either way, I'm simply telling you how I feel. As long as there are books in print that I haven't read, I will not purchase or use an e-reader. I would miss my real books too much.
Well, I'm off to enjoy the book I'm currently reading (The Tin Ticket) while I'm sure Amazon is debating the merits of creating an "Old Book Smell" app for their fire-y little Kindle above.

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