Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Endangerd (A Summer Westin Mystery) by Pamela Beason

The Book: Endangered
The Author: Pamela Beason
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

My thoughts on Endangered in one word: wow.

I won this book through a giveaway on and was very much looking forward to reading it. I have always been a big animal lover so the premise of the book hooked me in before I ever read a single word.

Summary: Wildlife biologist/Journalist/Photographer Summer Westin returns to Heritage National Monument to check the progress of a cougar she helped to rehabilitate the year before. Instead of the simple assignment she expected, a toddler goes missing and the media is quick to blame the Cougars for the child's disappearance. Summer soon finds herself in a race to find the child and save the Cougars before it's too late.

Reaction: Let me tell you, it didn't disappoint. Pamela Beason weaves a tale so intense and pulse pounding, you feel like you're on the best roller coaster ever built. Her skill at creating tension is right up there with (if not better than) some of the big name mystery writers. On several occasions, I literally wished I could read faster, because my heart was pounding so fast anticipating what would happen next!

The plot was amazing as well. Anyone who reads mystery books has probably read at least one about a missing child/person. But how many have also thrown cougars into the mix? Not any that I've read. The added story line of the cougars, gave an extra dimension to the story that makes it top notch in my opinion.

Verdict: 5 Stars. I can't wait to read the next Summer Westin mystery. Pamela Beason is definitely an author I will be keeping an eye on.


  1. Thanks, Kim! I had no idea my publisher interacted with Goodreads. What a nice surprise!

  2. You're very welcome! I always love sharing about the books I really love!