Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: The Me Years by Ellen Finnigan

The Book: The Me Years
The Author: Ellen Finnigan

Summary: "The Me Years" is a spiritual autobiography by Ellen Finnigan. In the book, Ellen details life in her twenties, romance, jobs, and how it all ties in to God and love. This book is about how she reacted to her experiences, examining herself and figuring out who she is. 

I won "The Me Years" as a First Reads giveaway, I will say that I wasn't sure if I would like the book - I'm not religious, but I am interested in spiritual journeys (so funny, that she touches on this subject in the book). I just hoped that it wouldn't be too "preachy".

Reaction: While there were some sections that can only be described as preachy, overall, I really enjoyed the book. As I am currently in my own "me years", there were many points that Ellen Finnigan made that "spoke" to me.

Ms Finnigan is a wonderful storyteller. Reading, I felt as if I were actually witnessing the tale unfold. I could see the changes taking place, the learning, the growing. I kept turning the page because I wanted to know what happened next. It was a good story.

I still have mixed emotions about "The Me Years", however. While, I did indeed love her story, and definitely the way she told it, I found myself completely bored by her summary at the end, which I believe is the whole point of the book: taking her experiences and relating what she learned about them.

Like I said before, I love spiritual journeys and I love reading about them. I like to see what people actually take from their past with them to their future. While reading the book, I noted that, largely, there wasn't a LOT of mention of God and religion, but the last couple chapters were filled with it, smothered with it. I also found that these same chapters had a tendency to talk in circles, with Ellen repeating herself. I could skip paragraphs of text, and she would still be talking about the same thing. I reminds me of a soap opera: you can miss a month of shows, and still be caught up because nothing has changed. But again, this is just the last couple chapters.

Verdict: 3 Stars. I feel the storytelling alone deserves a rating of 4 stars. And mid-book, I was prepared to write a 4 star review. I can't however, get past having to force myself to stumble to the finish line. If the summary wasn't so compressed and slow, I definitely would have given this 4 stars, and it would have if the end had flowed a little bit more smoothly.

Overall, great book, and I will look forward to more work from this talented writer.

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